Tools and Supplies

Ramona's Plumber tool list. The tools and supplies are sorted by their type, then alphabetically within each type.

For more information on any particular tool, click the tool name.


Closet auger
Drain king

Consumable Supply

PVC Pipe Primer
PVC Pipe Solvent

Cutting tool

Greenlee stud punch
Nut buster
Pipe cutters
Plastic pipe cone reamer
Small PVC saw


Hair dryer, or a heat gun

Joining tool

Copper tube sizer

Measuring device

Ounce gauge
Pocket thermometer
Pressure gauge with lazy hand.

Valve tool

Delta Valve Tool
Furrell retriver
Moen cartridge tool
Moen cartridge tool (Montecello)
Ona and Pasco pullers for Moen


Basin wrench
Basket strainer tool
Expanding nipple extractor
Plumbers deep scocket set
Right Angle Tubshoe Remover (Drain trim water goes down)
Strainer spanner wrench
Tub shoe remover cam type