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Responsible Plumbing Issues

This series of podcasts is about the responsible use of water, without involving politics, histeria, alligations, half-truths, or the passion on either side of the "green" label.

I believe that every human is entitled to water and air. By our actions we are starting to deny usable water for drinking to people.

The Water Cycle

This podcast provides a general overview of water, the water cycle, and human use of it. Where it comes from, how does it get to our homes, where does it go, and what is its life cycle. We cover well water and city water supplies.

We'll touch on what is considered to be waste water (the definition may surprise you), and the distinction and different treatment of storm water, and household waste water, as well as drain venting.

Also: Pressure regulation: which includes pressure reduction or boosting. Did you know that high water pressure is the largest cause of plumbing problems? .

Should you be alarmed about "toilet to tap?" What about pharmacutical residues in waste water? I'll give you some perspective.
Duration 22:45

Reusing Water

This podcast provides an introduction to water reuse around the home. What water reuse means, different types of reuse, what water can and should not be resued and an overview of some typical reuse setups.
Duration 14:17

Saving Water & Energy

Saving water on your lawn and irrigation system.

Learn about "the white elephant" in your yard. Water auditing, new irrigation controllers that may allow you to skip water rationing restrictions, and how to save 15-20% on your water bill.

Link to the Irrigation Association (mentioned in the podcast)

Saving water inside your home.

Greg talks about water saving shower heads that really work, and other ways to save water in side the home without giving up anything.

Loading your Dishwasher.

Greg talks about things to consider when loading your dishwasher. His recommendations will allow you to use the energy-saving settings and still get your dishes clean!

Tankless Water Heaters

Intro to tankless water heaters

Greg talks about Tankless Water heaters and how they differ from tank-type water heaters, new installations, retrofits, and related issues. Also please see the Tankless Water Heater page. Revised June 1, 2010

Learn more about all types of water heaters, including tankless and new super efficient Heat Pump type water heaters at: DIY Plumbing Advice: Water Heating pages

How-To Podcasts

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Plumbing Stories

More stories are being added regularly. You can also find them on the Stories page.

Just for Fun

Ramona's Drummer

What not to say to a plumber

In this podcast Greg speakshow to get the business relationship with a prospective plumber off on the right foot frankly about , with solid advice on what not to say to a plumber. Duration: 8:41

MP3 file

See more information on hiring a plumber including a Green Plumbers USA plumber finder, and Frequently Unasked Questionson the subject at my DIYplumbingAdvice.com: Hiring a Plumber page